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AmbitPros Success Passport (.pdf)

Power Pitch Recruiting System (.pdf)

New York Savings Guarantee (.pdf)

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Relationship Marketing! by Steve Thompson - Click here

Mach II With Your Hair On Fire - Click here

Rhinoceros Success - Click here

Beach Money – Click here

Damien Pechacek’s Book Recommendations – Click here


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why mlm gets bad rap
7 Jul 2013

The MLM Stigma & What NOT To Do!

I’ve had a lot of interesting exchanges with prospects over the years and but recently I had an update to a two year saga that I thought was just too good NOT to share. I hope you enjoy following the …

ambit energy all pro tour chicago
5 May 2013

All Pro Tour Chicago

Chicago is now the next stop on the All Pro Tour and with only 14 days to go, it’s sneaking up on us quick! We’re super excited to announce Spanish translation for this event and since we have a non …

ambit energy damien pechacek
4 Apr 2013

3 Colors, 7 Notes, 10 Digits & All Pro Tour

What do Michelangelo, Mozart, Howard Garns and the All Pro Tour Panelists have in common? Michelangelo – Painted the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and created the statue David Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Created some of the most memorable musical …

ambit energy updates nov26
11 Nov 2012

Timely Ambit Energy Team/Company Updates

Big Ambit Energy Events Coming Up… It’s a busy time of year all around and Ambit Energy is no exception with some events that you can’t afford to miss.  Listen to the video above to get the training and tips …