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Your life will only change when you change. - Jim Rohn

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2 Feb 2016

If information was power…

My deep thought of the week… So I was in morning mens group at Church this week where we’re going through “The Servant” book (pretty solid read btw) and one of the discussion questions was, “what is something you know …

8 Aug 2013

Personal Accountability Card

Hi Everyone! After every ALL PRO TOUR event I am asked if I will share my personal accountability card that I carry in my wallet.  It is very humbling to have so many people come up and ask me about …

ambit energy damien pechacek
4 Apr 2013

3 Colors, 7 Notes, 10 Digits & All Pro Tour

What do Michelangelo, Mozart, Howard Garns and the All Pro Tour Panelists have in common? Michelangelo – Painted the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and created the statue David Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Created some of the most memorable musical …

ambit energy steve thompson
4 Apr 2013

Understanding The Comp Plan & Being A Pioneer

Two of the most misunderstood things in our business are the compensation plan and being a pioneer as we expand to new territories. While our compensation plan is different for most people when first coming to our industry, some of …


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