James Donald

Meet our Senior Consultants

March 15, 2012
San Antonio, Texas

Can’t even be their own customer….Bianca and James Donald, daughter Kiyomi and son James haven’t let living in a non-deregulated area stop them from building their Ambit business in San Antonio, TX.  James’ key to success was to follow the leader’s in Ambit.  Do what led them to success and constantly be a sponge for personal growth.  His other big key: AMBITION!!  It is a must! It’s that spark, that re-boost you need to connect back to the excitement you first felt when you decided to become a consultant of Ambit.  It’s the reassurance that you made the right decision when partnering up with Ambit to start your energy business.  The anticipation of the announcements is an awesome feeling but the wealth of knowledge and training that is poured into you is priceless.

James is keeping his eye on the prize.  His family is what keeps him determined to live the life he has dreamed of since he was a young boy who really never got to spend time with his father or mother because they were working so much.  That is not the life he wants for his family.  He wants to be there for them without having to worry about asking a “boss” if it is OK to spend more time with his family or be there when they need him most.


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