Roger & Mary Ann Sorrell

Meet our Senior Consultants

December 28, 2011
Plattsburgh, New York

Big Family, Big Dreams and Big Beliefs!!!  The Sorrell family calls Plattsburgh, NY home for their large family.  Roger & Mary Ann Sorrell both retired early, and they want to stay that way! (Roger is a retired USAF Lt Col and Mary Ann, a former owner of an Advertising & PR firm) The Sorrells are building their Ambit business along the shore of Lake Champlain with their 10 children (Katie, Craig, Mike, Drew, Chris, Jina, Amanda, Andrew, Xzavier and Vanessa)  plus 6 of their spouses (Gus, Lisa, Jennifer, Abraham, Jake & Erin), 3 grand daughters (Madeleine, Grace, Charlotte), and a great grandfather (Richard Hameline).

With such a big family to take care of, staying focused is important and the way they stay focused is through the belief that today is the day that they do that one thing – have that one conversation, meet that one person, take that first step… that is going to make a transformational difference to the way they live the rest of their lives. They believe that each day is important and they wake up eager to catch a glimpse of what is manifesting.  At night, they lay down their heads knowing that each day they witnessed positive changes around them because of the way they are living their beliefs.

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