Peter LaChina

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Whitestone, New York


Peter’s life before Ambit had always been a path of freedom and self-development. Ambit has made it possible for him to continue his pursuits of happiness with his wife Miriam.  They call Whitestone, NY home.  He had been self-employed many years as a contractor, then later a real estate inspector. Peter worked hard at improving his talents and skills, but he had it with working hard. So, he sought out ways to leverage himself and work smarter. He had been in a few home businesses that had success in the 90s and that is where he met Shawn Cornett who brought him into Ambit.  He got the call from Shawn in 2007 about Ambit opening in NYC.  He was interested when he heard it was electricity.  Peter counts himself fortunate to have stayed in touch with Shawn.



What was it like when you started your Ambit business?

As I started my Ambit Business, I shared Ambit with people I knew and didn’t know. I had mixed reactions including skeptics but hey, this is New York, but many were positive.  I just never let someone saying no stop me from moving forward to my goals.  I believed Ambit would work.

What is your best piece of advice for new consultants?

Stay focused on what you want.  Take action consistently. That’s every day.  Read more good books. Improving as a leader should be the goal of everyone. Keep a good attitude always, even when you know it’s tough, “Believe” and “Never-Quit”.

What is your vision for the future?

 We’d love to be the first Executive Couple to be selected for the Amazing Race around the world challenge.


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