Jose Molina

Meet our Executive Consultants

Found the right vehicle and raced to the top

Chicago, Illinois


Jose is originally from Guatemala and used to be a loss prevention officer.  Before starting his Ambit Energy business, Jose was working with a product based network marketing company.  He took massive action from the start and 11 and ½ months later he became the first Hispanic Executive Consultant in Chicago, IL. He graduated from the Wright College of Chicago with the American dream to be a millionaire with a lot of success.


What is your one secret to success?

Jose believes in making personal development a priority and has read a variety of books the help him to achieve his American dream.  Jose cites a list of his favorite authors to assist his personal development including Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, Jim Rohn, OG Mandino, Stephen R. Covey, John C. Maxwell, Anthony Robbins and Joseph Murphy.

What is your vision for the future?

Jose said that when he realizes his dream, it will be a result of the combination of universal laws, leadership principles and the rules of multi-level or network marketing that he applies that drive him closer ever day to the success and the richness that he plans on achieving

Why is attending AMBITION is so important?

He said that he was ready to do something big in his life but he hadn’t found the right vehicle that would take him where he had visualized himself for a long time.   So, when he attended Ambition 2011 and saw how big Ambit was, he knew right away that he had found the right vehicle!   He made the decision to start his Ambit Energy business at Ambition 2011.

What is the most-effective success tool, factor or influence that helps you grow your Ambit business?

Jose has a success formula that he uses that looks like this:  Belief + Massive Action + Perseverance = Success and Richness!!!

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