Fred Damon

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Watertown, New York


Fred started his Ambit Business back in 2010 while working a full time job (about 18 years) as a Construction Estimator for a large General Contracting Firm in Northern New York and works his Ambit business about 2 to 3 hours a day after being invited to “just take a look”  by his son Josh, .

Fred loves spending time with his own family and also with his church family.  He has been married for 28 years and is blessed with 4 beautiful children, 2 boys and 2 girls ages 27, 24, 22, and 19.  He loves playing sports and enjoys deer hunting.


What is your “Why” that keeps you focused and motivated the most?

To be honest the money is great but the reason why I love doing Ambit is simply because I just love helping people and being the blessing that God has called me to be to everyone I meet. I’ve never met so many wonderful and beautiful people in the past two years which wouldn’t have been possible without Ambit.

What did your family/friends think when you shared your decision to join Ambit & what do they think now?

Skeptical at first as some were willing to help and do me a favor by being a customer, others were not. Over time and seeing the growth and success that Ambit has become in our lives many of our friends and family have joined the Ambit opportunity as customers and consultants.

What challenges have you faced in growing your business & how did you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge was in the first 2 months of overcoming the discouragements of people saying no especially close friends and family. Then realizing the fact that I was and still am truly helping families with the Ambit opportunity then why should I be discouraged over doing something good. This to me was one of those turning points and even though it’s still difficult to hear those no’s with God’s help I’ve been able to press on through the no’s in finding those willing to accept what Ambit has to offer.

What are some of your biggest and proudest accomplishments you’ve achieved because of Ambit?

I love the story of my son Joshua, who was the one who introduced me to Ambit back in 2010. After 2 months in Ambit we both made it to Regional Consultant and both had about a 100 customers on our team. Joshua is a Police Officer with the City of Syracuse and also in the Air Force National Guard.  After we promoted to RC, Joshua received orders to Afghanistan for a 6 month tour. He was excited about serving his country but was discouraged over the fact that his Ambit business would now be on hold for 6 months. I looked at Josh and said, “This business doesn’t work that way. You sign up and get things started (which you’ve done) and this business will literally grow with or without you.” He looked at me and said , “Yeah right sure Dad.” About 6  months later, thank God, we got him back on Christmas Eve 2010.  While in Afghanistan and not able to grow his business it literally grew without him because he added over a 1000 customers and also got promoted to Senior Consultant while serving his county thousands of miles away!

How has this changed your outlook for the future?

I need to continue to persevere through any discouragements that may come and realize the fact that I’m in the inviting and sorting business.  I’m just asking people to “take a look” at a business opportunity.  Whether they say no or yes is their decision and I shouldn’t take it personally.

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