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ambit energy savings guarantee
3 Mar 2014

My take on the Guaranteed Savings renewal debate

What is the deal with Ambit changing from auto renewal on the Guaranteed Savings to manual renewal? First off it’s not like this change happened yesterday. It’s been some time since this change was made. Recently though, many customers were …

polar vortex
3 Mar 2014

My take on the polar vortexed rates

Over the past several weeks a trickle has turned into a steady stream of emails with reports of unusually and in some cases extremely high rates on recent customer bills in several northeastern markets. It’s not fun to get calls …

california ambit training videos
3 Mar 2014

California Customer Training Videos

Big thanks to Adam Carey & Shahid Saleemi for these awesome training videos to help anyone with questions regarding the customer process for Ambit Energy in California… Is it Safe to Switch to Ambit Energy Natural Gas from PG&E? (by: …

3 Mar 2014

Free Energy & Free EGR!

Congrats to the following for being the first from their respective territory to submit qualifying free energy bills for our compilation and potential inclusion in the new 15 minute EGR presentation video!  If you are one of our winners you …


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