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new ambit energy egr 5 minute thumb
8 Aug 2016

All New EGR 5 Minute Intro Presentation… DONE

It’s… Finally… Here… Please note this is just a promotional version for YouTube, the version playing on the EnergyGoldRush system (which has already been uploaded) does NOT have the promotional watermarks. Click here to learn more about the EGR system. And yes I …

egr on the cusp
7 Jul 2016

EnergyGoldRush: On The Cusp!

I know… I know… I KNOW. I’ve been promising a lot over the last few months regarding EGR upgrades, apps and new videos. We’re overdue for a full encompassing update on what we’ve done so far, but more importantly what’s coming …

if information was power
2 Feb 2016

If information was power…

My deep thought of the week… So I was in morning mens group at Church this week where we’re going through “The Servant” book (pretty solid read btw) and one of the discussion questions was, “what is something you know …

12 Dec 2015

$1 Million Settlement: Vilification or Vindication?

Just yesterday I emailed out to everybody for the first time in a while about something super exciting like huge EGR upgrades coming soon and today is a totally different story. If you haven’t already you likely will soon find …


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