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viridian slam
10 Oct 2014

Viridian caught slamming one of our customers!

Keep you heads up my fellow Ambit Energy consultants, this could be your customer! I also think it’s rather telling that the company slamming our customer here in this news clip happens to be a competing MLM. Also please realize …

free energygoldrush
7 Jul 2014

New EGR Referral Program: Refer 3 Get Yours FREE!

Refer 3 people to EnergyGoldRush and yours is completely FREE! Yes we did, it’s no typo folks! Here is how it works… First of all to participate you must update your credit card so you are being billed under our …

6 Jun 2014

Now Showing: All New EGR 15 Minute Presentation!

For a while I wasn’t sure if this day would ever come but alas it is here! Enjoy, this video has been nearly a year in the making… Now that you’ve see it, here are a few caveats and some …

ambit energy savings guarantee
3 Mar 2014

My take on the Guaranteed Savings renewal debate

What is the deal with Ambit changing from auto renewal on the Guaranteed Savings to manual renewal? First off it’s not like this change happened yesterday. It’s been some time since this change was made. Recently though, many customers were …


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