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Hi Everyone!

After every ALL PRO TOUR event I am asked if I will share my personal accountability card that I carry in my wallet.  It is very humbling to have so many people come up and ask me about this.  This card has been a part of my life for more than 10 yrs now and it has helped me to “keep the main thing the main thing.”

Here are a couple tips for you to consider for maximum effectiveness:

1. It is OK to get ideas from my card or other people’s cards but it is absolutely best for you to put in the time to come up with your own.  It will mean more to you.  However, I got my Mantra from Tony Robbins when I was reading his book “Awaken the Giant Within

2. That being said, take as long as it takes to come up with your own vision, mission, core values, whys, goals etc…It took me an entire weekend to come up with my Mission Statement and my Core Values but it was worth it.  A good book to read for help with this is: “Focal Point” by Brian Tracy.

3. The number of Core Values  and goals for the month are up to you.  I just put numbers on the template for an example.  FYI, I typically list 5-7 goals and I always have 9 Core Values listed.

4. I write out the new cards on the last day of every month and I keep a index card file with all of my old cards.  It is fun to see how my mission, reasons, and goals have changed throughout the years.

5. Keep the card on you at all times.  I keep one in my wallet or in my sock or shorts, one in my car and one in my bathroom.  Do your best with this.  For example, I typically don’t carry my card on me when I am swimming but I usually have it on me when I workout 🙂

6.  Make sure to read your card several times a day.  I also like to pull it out and reference it when I am making a difficult decision.  If the decision helps me to get closer to my goals and my whys without compromising my vision, mission and core values then rock n roll.  Sometimes the decision would get me closer to my whys and goals but it doesn’t pass the mission, vision, core values test so it’s a no go! And of course some times it fails everything and that should be easy 🙂 However, I waste as much time as the next person and that usually doesn’t move me closer to anything on my card.  Ahhh…the joys of being human.

7. Have fun with this.  It won’t be perfect right away.  It will evolve over time.  The good news is that it’s a start and with that start will come a very nice awareness of your decision making process and how you spend your time.

8. Last thing…I also prefer to use vertical 3×5 cards like in the pictures.  I order mine from

I hope this has been helpful.  Please leave comments or suggestions below so we can all learn from them.


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