New 7 Level Comp Plan Breakdown!

Ambit Energy now has a seventh level on the residual compensation plan!  This is no small change my Ambit friends.  Having an additional level of uni-level residual compensation gives us the ability to get paid on significantly more customers and thus earn significantly more residual income.  I can’t complain about Ambit’s plan thus far but having a seventh level is something I’ve only dreamed about.  Here are the changes and my thoughts…

Texas – It’s not all positive but the good far outweighs the bad

So there is no way to avoid the fact that the total net payout through 6 levels has decreased from a total of $9 in the previous 6 level plan to $6 in the new 7 level plan.  The reasons for this reduction are fully explained in the video above but the long and the short of it is the falling prices of natural gas have dramatically cut into the margins thus forcing Ambit Energy to adjust the numbers so they can continue to remain strong, viable and cash our checks.  The good news is by moving to a 7 level plan we can get paid on more customers and thus have an increased residual income earning ability which can be clearly seen in the chart below.

Ambit Energy 7 Level Compensation Plan

Non Texas States – It’s all good!

There was no reduction in the total residual payout in the non Texas states and so the current total payout was simply readjusted to make room for a 7th level.  As you can see the ability to get paid on an additional level of customers is dramatic!

Ambit Energy All States 7 Level Compensation Plan

The most important detail…

This new compensation plan only takes effect on new customers gathered  NOT on any customer currently on the books for as long as they stay on the books!  What this means is there will be little to no immediate effect on your residual income.  I

Final thoughts on Ambit’s new 7 level comp plan…

I’d be lying if I said I was 100% excited about the changes since of course I’d prefer there were no reduction of any nature but I totally understand the reasoning and necessity behind the move.  I want Ambit Energy to continue it’s position as the dominant player in this industry and to do so Ambit needs to be financially strong and responsible.  The irony behind this move is that since Ambit already paid out so much more than the competition, these changes don’t change that position.  I’ve run the numbers folks and Ambit is still very clearly leading from the front.  Truth be told I think it will take slightly longer to develop the same residual income as before since the “bubble” of customers needs to grow one level deeper to get paid on the sweet spot in the compensation.  On the other hand since this sweet spot is one level deeper, we have a greater ability to generate leverage in the form of more consultants who can gather more customers which means a much greater earning potential overall.

The bottom line is if you are in this for the big picture long haul this is a major pay raise across the board so let’s continue to spread the word on the greatest opportunity in America today!


Yours in success,

Shawn Cornett

Shawn Cornett

Ambit Energy Founding Executive Consultant

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Six Time 5-Star Club Qualifier
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