Ambit Energy $1 Billion Dollar Lawsuit?

Yesterday (May 25, 2010) was a sad day.  By now you have likely heard about the rather outlandish consultant discrimination lawsuit against Ambit Energy.  For whatever reason when an MLM company gets to the size of Ambit Energy there seems to always be somebody willing to think they can draw blood in court, it happened with Ignite/Stream and every other large MLM worth mentioning.  You’ve probably already read Ambit’s response which was spot on, but here are a few other thoughts on the matter.

Suing for in excess of a Billion Dollars… Really?  I hope the judge is able to keep a straight face when he reads over this.  If the accusing party wanted to be taken seriously, they should have started off with a number at least a half billion lower…  But then again if someone was dense enough to sue McDonalds for their coffee being hot (who would have guessed it?) then I guess nothing should be surprising.  For some reason this part of the deal reminds me of that part in Austin Powers, you know the one…

The most comical thing is that one could in the same lawsuit accuse Ambit Energy of being a pyramid scheme and also of such things as unrelated as discrimination for being Jewish  and female.  Oh but it doesn’t stop there, Ambit also apparently stole customers and recruits from the the suing party… and not to leave any remote possibility of more money off the table, Ambit also apparently makes it their business to spread false statements regarding the performance of their own distributors.  I guess the accusing party figured they would need a lot of accusations to justify such a large figure?

What part of this lawsuit was meant to be taken seriously?   It takes all types to make the world go round, or rather… to keep all the lawyers of the world busy.

The most disappointing thing to me is that many people will likely be dissuaded from considering the Ambit Energy opportunity as a result of this joke in the form of a lawsuit. Every large and successful company as some point in time or another has to face a frivolous lawsuit, this is our turn I guess.

The second most disappointing thing is the gender and religion card being played as it has.  I’ve spoken with many consultants, both Jewish and female, and I can tell you their level of disappointment in the baseless nature of the lawsuit is far greater than mine.

For fear of attracting the litigious attention of the accusing party in discussion, I’m saying nothing further, but please share your thoughts below…  that is of course unless you’re afraid you might get lumped into this lawsuit as well 🙂

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P.S. Oh and here is the link to the Reuters report of the lawsuit…$1B_suit_accuses_direct-energy_retailer_Ambit_of_fraud/

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