All Pro Tour Chicago

Chicago is now the next stop on the All Pro Tour and with only 14 days to go, it’s sneaking up on us quick! We’re super excited to announce Spanish translation for this event and since we have a non expandable capacity limit on seating, it’s almost sure to sell out so don’t delay in getting your tickets @

Let me remind you, we have two 1-million dollar earning yellow jackets and one 5-million dollar earning purple jackets spilling their guts on how to achieve the same results.  In addition to these out of town guests, you will be able to pick the brains of at least a half dozon other Executive Consultants guests in attendance.

  • Do you really want success?
  • Are you happy with your current level of success?
  • Are you tired of seeing everybody else get promoted and not you?

This is an event designed to produce personal breakthroughs.  Achieving a breakthrough is not always comfortable but it is one of the most satisfying things you will ever experience.


  • If you have one more good run left in you
  • If you are not quite ready to throw in the towel and raise the white flag
  • If you know there is more left in the tank

GET TO THIS EVENT, it’s designed for you!

See you this weekend!


Shawn Cornett



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