Ambit Energy Vs. Traditional MLM

7 reasons why Ambit Energy is the finest network marketing opportunity in America today

Ambit Energy is a very different animal from your typical mlm / network marketing company because we’re not dealing products. Energy is something you simply can’t live without and Ambit Energy has mastered the network marketing distribution in this new industry of energy deregulation.  Here are a few things to consider if you are considering Ambit Energy…

The Ultimate Ambit Energy Trump Card

Imagine being able to eliminate or dramatically reduce your electricity and/or natural gas bill for the rest of your life.  How compelling of an offer is this?  Not only is it compelling but it’s also absolutely possible with Ambit Energy… only Ambit Energy.  The program is available to both customers as well as consultants.  Simply refer 15 customers within 6 months and maintain those 15 referrals and Ambit Energy will average out the electricity bills of those 15 customers and either cut you a rebate check or apply that amount as a credit on your bill (depending on territory) each and every single month.  Not only does this turn your customers into walking billboards for your business but it also turns your distributors (Ambit calls them consultants) into lifetime loyal never say die proponents of the business opportunity.

Ambit Energy Doesn’t Demand Buying Habit Changes

It sounds like a great concept; buy online and save, or buy through this catalog and get better products, or get this supplement every month because it has more of xyz ingredient… problem is that people don’t like change.  We never have and never will.  Most MLM network marketing businesses require you to get people to change their buying habits to use your products. People want what they want when they want it.

Ambit Energy does not require you to change customer buying habits.  People are already writing out a check every month to pay their electricity bill.  With Ambit Energy the only thing that changes is the amount of the bill… it’s less!  Switching to Ambit Energy is a painless 5 minute process, doesn’t cost a dime and is completely seamless.  The lights won’t even flicker in the switchover process… Ambit Energy guarantees it in writing.

Ambit Energy Eliminates Begging & Convincing

I’d hate to break it to you but most people are not accustomed to buying health products on an auto-ship basis every month.  I realize not every MLM network marketing company sells health related products but in most cases you are dealing with a situation where you have to convince people to spend money on products or services they we’re not already accustomed to spending money on.  They may give it a try for you but rarely are the going to stick with it long term.

Ambit Energy deals with a utility that enjoys 100% acceptance in the marketplace.  Somewhere around 99.99% of Americans pay an electric and/or natural gas bill and the opportunity to switch providers has just been introduced with the recent deregulation of energy.  There is a massive shift in the marketplace right now and Ambit Energy is smack dab in the middle of it.  Energy will only deregulate once and it is happening right now with or without you… Ambit Energy is your ticket to grabbing a piece of this last and largest industry to ever deregulate.

Ambit Energy’s Unique Comp Plan Advantage

Of course you can make big money in any mlm network marketing comp plan, but it goes without saying that some comp plans are easier and more lucrative.  Ambit Energy is in a unique position because of the simple fact that we gather real true retail customers.  We are not an internal consumption company.  By internal consumption I am referring to the vast majority of mlm network marketing companies that derive the lion’s share of their volume from internal distributor consumption versus retail sales to customers that are not a part of the business.  Due to this fact Ambit Energy essentially has two compensation plans in one.  We get paid extremely lucrative bonuses on the customer gathering efforts of our team upfront but we also get paid on the back end residual usage when those customers pay their electricity and natural gas bills every month.

Ambit Energy Has Credibility To Die For

In mlm network marketing it can be tough to overcome the negative stigma that gets associated with our industry.  I’m not saying that other companies don’t get positive press but I’ve never seen one company collect so many positive reviews and have such third party validation as Ambit Energy has done over the past 4 years.  Having a BBB A rating, DSA membership, our own iPad application, licensing by every state public utility commission that we do business, named the fastest growing company on the INC.500… and we’re just getting started!

Ambit Energy Brings Irrefutable Customer Value

Ambit Energy must offer value since nobody would switch to us if it were going to raise their electricity or natural gas bill.  This is a far cry from most mlm network marketing products which are not exactly a bargain… in fact most products in the mlm network marketing industry are marked up so there is more to pay out in the compensation plan.  Of course most mlm network marketing products are far superior to what you would find in stores, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could represent a product/service with irrefutable customer value?

Ambit Energy brings just that kind of customer value to the plate.  In most states we operate with a written guarantee of savings which means that we guarantee customers are going to save money.  NOBODY else in the marketplace thus far has been willing to put that kind of faith forward to their customers.  Not only does Ambit Energy put it in writing but we’ve been backing it up now for over 3 years.  In Texas it is not possible to provide a written guarantee of savings, but in most cases the saving is far greater than what we can guarantee elsewhere.

With Ambit Energy you can develop a rock solid residual income by bringing real customer value and savings to a service in electricity and natural gas that is a significant part of every family budget in America.  What better value proposition and business plan is there?

Timing That Only Comes Along Once In… History

Were not the first opportunity claiming to have perfect timing, we’re just one of the first to really have it and deliver on it.  Since old Benjie first discovered electricity it has always been an industry controlled by monopolies, competition has not been possible until just recently.  The natural gas and electricity markets will only deregulate once and they are deregulating right now.  Every time an industry deregulates there is a massive shift of wealth take takes place between the monopolies that used to control everything to the new deregulated providers that offer choice and savings.  Energy is the last and largest industry to ever deregulate!  This is one of the only times where “once in a lifetime” is no exaggeration.

My Final Thoughts…Ambit Energy?

There is so much more I could go into but only so much time in the day.  As you can see I truly believe Ambit Energy is the finest MLM Network Marketing opportunity in America today.  If you enjoyed what I had to say about Ambit Energy or if you didn’t, share yours thoughts below either way!

Yours in success,

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